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With over 25,000 restaurants to choose from in Los Angeles, you’ve probably eaten at one or two. If you went into a Lost Angeles restaurant to order a meal and came out with an injury instead, you may have a lawsuit on your hands. Restaurant owners are responsible for keeping properties safe for those who eat and drink there. They are legal bound to provide a warning if they cannot keep the area safe. They can legally be held responsible for injuries in the lobby, dining area, restrooms, as well as the parking lot and outside sidewalks. If a restaurant failed to keep you safe, give call the Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli today. We can help. We are experts in Los Angeles restaurant personal injury lawsuits.

Types of Injuries Suffered at Restaurants

The most common injuries sustained in restaurants are slip and fall and trip and fall accidents. You might be surprised to learn that the slips and trips generally take place  on uneven pavement just outside the restaurant on poorly maintained, poorly lit parking lots. Slips from spilled beverages and spilled food is also a common cause.

Factors contributing to injuries at restaurants include:

  • Slick or wet floors
  • Food on floors
  • Obstacles in the way such as food carts
  • Restroom water on floors
  • Hot food

Types of injuries incurred at restaurants include:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sprains
  • Choking
  • Burns on skin
  • Internal injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Shoulder dislocation

What to Do if You are Injured at a Restaurant

A trip to a restaurant in Los Angeles ended with you getting hurt, there are some things you can do in order to help your case. Above everything, stay calm. Fully cooperate with your medical team and keep all appointments. Failure to follow through could hurt your case. Keep good records and make copies of everything. Take photos of your injuries and also of the scene where your accident occurred at the restaurant. Be sure to call an attorney. Without an attorney, you’ll have a difficult time proving your case in court so be sure to take advantage of our free initial consultation and set up an appointment today. You don’t pay for any services unless you receive compensation, so you have nothing to lose.

 What Restaurants are Liable For

There are things the judge in your case will look into. Many of them make a big difference on the outcome of your suit. Length of time is crucial. If an obstacle was in the pathway for five minutes, it will be treated differently than if had been there for months or even years. If the food was too hot and you weren’t properly warned when your plate was handed to you, was that the first time the waitstaff did such a thing or is it a common occurrence?

The root cause of the accident will be very important too. That’s why you need a hard-working legal team like ours. We will stop at nothing to turn ever stone in order to establish who was at fault.

Restaurants can also be the scene of negligent security. If you suffered physical or sexual assault and battery and the restaurant didn’t do their job to prevent it, they may be liable. Has a complaint ever been issued about the dark parking lot? Was a strange person reported hanging out on the premises before? Have there been rapes there before? All these things are crucial to know but not easy to find out. You will need a legal team that is also good in investigative work – like us.

When a restaurant patron is hurt by a condition that is dangerous within the restaurant or on the property outside, they can hold the restaurant liable for injuries. Typically, the patron will have to show duty, breach of duty, and constructive or active notice of a dangerous condition, causation, and damages.

As a patron, you deserve the highest level of care. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to make sure you receive that.  If you didn’t, all our law first. You should never be expected to pay medical fees for something that wasn’t your fault. You shouldn’t be losing wages or dealing with pain and suffering. Let us fight for you. Call now for a free consultation. You don’t owe for our services unless we win your case.

What is the Applicable Statute of Limitations?

Personal injury claims are typically subject to a two-year statute of limitations in California. That simply means two years is the deadline you must file your claim by. You don’t want to wait near that long, however. The sooner you act, the sooner you can receive your settlement. Give us a call today to discuss your restaurant injury lawsuit before it’s too late.

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