When Losing Isn’t an Option
You Can Trust Jacob O. Partiyeli

When Losing Isn’t an Option
You Can Trust Jacob O. Partiyeli

Lemon Law Lawyer Los Angeles​

Stuck with a Lemon? Trust the Best Lemon Law Attorney in Los Angeles – Jacob O. Partiyeli

Is Your New Vehicle a Lemon?

Has it been in the shop or not running for over 30 days?
Has it been in the shop 3 or more times?
Does it have a dangerous safety defect?
Have two attempts been made to fix a dangerous safety defect or four attempts at a less serious problem?

California’s Lemon Law Protecting Your Purchase

California’s State Lemon Law is put into place to protect consumers from being stuck with “a lemon” – slang for a vehicle that is substandard. Along with Federal Warranty Laws, the State Lemon Law forces the manufacturer to buy back the defective car or truck or replace it with a new one.
To qualify for coverage, certain criteria must be met such as:
  • You have an active warranty 
  • The problem occurs within 18 months of purchase or within the first 18,000 odometer miles
Protection also includes:
  • Some vehicles purchased outside the state 
  • Purchases made outside the state by California residents
  • Vehicles registered outside the state by California residents 
  • Armed Forces personnel receive extra protection.
  • Leased vehicles and dealer-owned vehicles 
  • Also covers some non-vehicle purchases (such as computers)

Lemon Law Buyback and Replacement Know Your Rights

The Lemon Law provides for your option of a Lemon Law Buyback or a vehicle replacement. A buyback requires the manufacturer to return all the money you paid for the vehicle. A replacement is only available if you and the manufacturer agree on the trade.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Turn to Jacob Partiyeli

While the California Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers, the process isn’t always an easy one. The dealership or manufacturer may refuse to cooperate. They may try to talk you into a trade you don’t want or try to convince you to drop the case altogether.
No matter what is thrown your way, with representation by the best Lemon Law Attorney in Los Angeles and Whittier, you don’t have to worry. 
The expert legal team of Jacob Partiyeli will:
  • File your case
  • Tend to the details
  • Enforce your rights
  • Get the best results

What Is a Lemon Law Attorney?

Going to arbitration is one option you will have. You can go through the procedure on your own but that’s rarely a good idea. If you don’t want to go to arbitration or decline the decision reached, you can take the matter to court. You will need a Lemon Law Lawyer.The Lemon Law allows you to recover your attorney’s fees in the settlement…if you win. At the Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli, we are so confident in our commitment to winning your case, you are not charged unless we do. That means you have all to gain and nothing to lose – except for that lemon you have on your hands.

Why Choose Jacob Partiyeli as Your Los Angeles Lemon Law Lawyer?

  • High Success Rate
  • You Only Pay If and When You Win
  • Outstanding Verdicts for Our Clients
  • Straightforward and Friendly


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