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Uber Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Uber, a rideshare company based out of San Francisco, CA is becoming more popular since its first introduction to the marketplace in 2009. With revenues exceeding $1BIL, it’s no wonder this company is growing in leaps and bounds. It’s a fast and convenient way to get around in an economical way – normally cheaper than taxis. But with this increase in demand, comes greater liability risks. And since the drivers are not employees of Uber, getting Uber to cover certain Uber accidents have been challenging at times. There is a line drawn with respect to what Uber is willing to take responsibility for and what the drivers are responsible for, considering they’re independent contractors. Although Uber offers certain insurance packages, they’re not always willing to compensate each victim involved.

If you suffered personal injuries in an Uber accident in Los Angeles, what do you do? This is not something that you want to leave to Uber. Although Uber provides $1 million in liability insurance coverage if the Uber driver is carrying a passenger, it’s still important that you understand the legal ramifications that surround Uber claims. It’s also important that you know your rights, and that you work with an attorney who can assist you get the proper medical care, legal guidance and assistance with processing your claim and your compensation.

Since this process likely involves personal injury matters due to the negligence of someone else, it can become more complicated than initially realized. That’s when the assistance of a skilled attorney is required. Not only do they understand the legal ramifications surrounding personal injury cases, but they also understand the laws that surround Uber insurance claims specifically. There are also times when Uber denies certain accident claims. In those cases, it becomes the driver’s insurance’s responsibility for such Uber accidents, yet the victims are left to deal with this situation on their own. But it doesn’t have to be that way with an experienced attorney on your side. You may be tempted to address such issues on your own, but it’s important to understand what your options are if you’ve been involved in an Uber accident.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist You

A personal injury attorney can provide knowledge about your rights and getting the legal guidance you need to determine what you are entitled to. Compensation for lost wages, emotional injuries, and medical expenses are typical forms of compensation associated with personal injury accidents. An experienced personal injury attorney with a successful track record can assist you with processing your claim. There are legal steps that need to take place to push the proper processes completely through the legal funnel. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we understand your situation and what you are going through. Our professional yet caring attorneys are with you, every step of the way to walk you through this difficult time. Our primary focus is to make sure that you get the best results possible. Below is an overview of normal steps involved during a personal injury case.

Consultation and Preliminary Case Evaluation

An initial consultation will take place to determine if this is a case that our attorneys should take on. This is the point where the client provides all of the known details, including information about witnesses, injuries and other information. The attorney will also discuss representation details and answer any questions.


Either a complaint or petition is filed, which identifies the individuals involved in the incident, court jurisdiction over the case, defendants responsibilities, and other details. A summons is also issued to the defendant.

Due Diligence and Fact-finding

Facts are verified and additional factors uncovered by use of document production and depositions.

Pretrial Court Motions

Dispositive and/or non-dispositive motions are requested during this time.

Motion to Dismiss

The filing of a motion to dismiss takes place if there is a lack of supporting evidence, proof or other relevant issues.

Summary Judgement Motion

Undisputed facts whereby a rule in favor of one of the parties takes place. A motion to prevent a trial can be processed.

Motion for Default Judgement

A ruling in favor of the plaintiff occurs when the defendant fails to respond.

SuaSponte Dismissal

A motion for dismissal is issued if errors are found the lawsuit.


A settlement out of court normally takes place for fair compensation due to damages, loss or injuries.


A trial takes place if no settlement is made outside of court.


The collection of funds for monetary damages are made (or initiated.)


An appeal can be made if errors are discovered.

Although this process is overwhelming, rest assured that our attorneys have your best interest at heart when resolving your Uber accident case on your behalf.