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The last thing you expect to happen at an amusement park is an accident. Theme parks are supposed to be fun and it’s certainly no fun to be injured at an amusement park. If you were hurt while visiting a theme park in Los Angeles, you need an amusement park accident lawyer in Los Angeles. One of the most common amusement park accidents are caused from the rides. It is the theme park’s responsibility to keep guests safe at all times and to warn them if there’s a potential danger. If that was not the case when you visited a theme park, you may have justified reason to sue the theme park in Los Angeles for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and possibly for monetary recovery from mental anguish. After all, your trip was ruined and your views on theme parks are now tarnished. We can help. Call the Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli today to take advantage of our free consultation. If we take your case, we won’t charge you unless you are awarded a settlement. You have nothing to lose.

Amusement Park Accident and Theme Ride Injury Attorney

There are more amusement parks in California than anywhere else on the west coast. Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, and smaller amusement parks besides are all famous attractions in and around the Los Angeles area. If you’ve been injured due to negligent conditions at a theme park, you may have solid grounds to sue them. It is impractical to think that you should cover all the financial responsibility for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Trust our law firm to get you what you have coming to you. We are not intimidated by theme parks, no matter how large and powerful they are. We will fight for your rights to recover your due settlement.

Roller Coaster Injuries

Roller coasters are a main attraction at any amusement park. Sadly, there are as many as 12,000 amusement ride injuries annually. Fifty deaths have occurred in the past decade due to roller coasters, water rides, and other theme park rides. The injuries can be both present and future issues. The pain may never go away. When you turn to us to help you, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Lost wages, out-of-pocket compensations, monetary recovery for your mental state of mind, and of course, pain and suffering and medical bills are all included in the suit we bring against the theme park. Amusement park lawsuits in Los Angeles are complicated. Unless you have a heavy background in personal injury law, you will have a difficult time recovering your losses. Certain factors must be proven and other criteria must be met in order to win your case against an amusement park. We are experienced theme park attorneys who will get you what yu have coming.

Some of the medical implications that might be suffered from a roller coaster are:

  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Bruises and contusions
  • Eye injuries
  • Shoulder injuries

Causes for the injuries include:

  • Faulty rides
  • Employees who don’t secure the guest on the ride properly
  • Water-related ride defects
  • Trips and falls while in the park
  • Assault and battery cases
  • Sexual assault and battery incidents
  • Falling objects
  • Food poisoning

Should I Sue the Theme Park for my Injuries?

If you were injured at a theme park, regardless of if it was on a ride or a trip and fall in the park. or any other incident suffered, you are entitled to a compensation as long as it can be proven the park or the employees at the park were at fault and not you. Give our law office a call today. Time is of essence. You only have two years to file your claim in the state of California. Furthermore, the quicker you contact us, the quicker we can get started on your case. You should absolutely sue the theme park you were injured at so you aren’t responsible for the medical bills. They will be and for your pain and suffering as well.

Theme Park Accident Causes

Oddly enough, amusement parks are not legally required to report injuries or even fatalities that take place in their park to any particular agency. Amusement parks are supposed to be fun, not dangerous. But, they certainly can be dangerous and many get hurt each year. Some die due to their injuries. Most injuries are due to operator error which points the blame to the park. A ride might misfunction, a guest might slip, another guest might take a punch at a guest. The possibilities are endless but the main question is if the park is at fault for the injury. The process of suing an amusement park takes an expert with experience. We are theme park accident lawyers in Los Angeles who will fight to get you what you deserve.

 The most common Injuries at amusement parks include

  • Spine and neck injuries from being jolted
  • Pain and injury from guests’ bodies hitting another individual
  • Pain from the motion and jerking of the ride
  • Falls in mid-ride
  • Ejection from a ride
  • Restraint injuries
  • Injuries from entering or exiting a ride

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