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North American Debt Defense: Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in California

North American Recovery (NAR) is a debt collection agency based in Utah. If you reside in California and have outstanding debts, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll receive communication from this company. NAR has faced numerous complaints regarding its business practices, yet it is also recognized for its effective use of legal measures to recover debt funds.

Have you been contacted by NAR regarding a debt you are said to owe? Are you looking to resolve the debt definitively and put an end to dealings with NAR? The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli is here to help. With our extensive experience in negotiating debt settlement solutions, we can help you save money, time, and the inconvenience of dealing with NAR.

The Truth About North American Recovery

Based in Utah, NAR, with decades of operation, functions as a debt collector specializing in acquiring old debts from original creditors, including delinquent credit card and student loan accounts. NAR aggressively pursues debtors, often resorting to legal action, such as filing lawsuits.

The Better Business Bureau has accumulated numerous complaints against NAR over the years. These grievances include accusations that NAR has:

Harassed individuals who are not responsible for the purchased debt.
Engaged in persistent calls from various phone numbers.
Neglected to properly credit payments made by debtors.
Refused to provide requested account information to debtors.
Failed to disclose its identity as a debt collector.
Neglected to update information with credit reporting agencies.
Provided misleading and incorrect information to debtors regarding their debt’s nature.

Know Your Rights

Debtors have rights when dealing with debt collectors like NAR:

The right to be free from harassment and threats.
The right to accurate and complete information about the debt.
The right to dispute the debt’s validity.
The right to request verification of the debt.
The right to request that communication be in writing.
The right to stop debt collectors from contacting them.

It’s essential to understand and assert these rights when dealing with debt collection agencies like NAR. If you feel your rights have been violated, be sure to call The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli today.

NAR’s Collection Process

NAR aggressively pursues debt collection, often resorting to lawsuits. If you are sued by NAR, seeking legal counsel immediately is crucial.

Lawsuits typically commence with a complaint and summons. The complaint outlines essential details about the debt, including the debtor’s identity and the owed amount. Alongside this, you will receive a summons instructing you (the defendant) to respond, granting you 30 days to do so.

It’s important to carefully review the complaint and summons for any inaccuracies and not attempt to evade service. NAR is skilled in serving debtors and has multiple methods at its disposal. Avoiding service can lead to increased court demands by NAR.

A judgment empowers NAR to collect through various methods like wage garnishment, bank levees, or property liens in which they go after the full amount and usually tack some extra on for court costs, etc.

Jacob Partiyeli is a debt settlement expert. Debt settlement offers an option to pay less than the total owed, as debt buyers typically buy accounts for less. Experienced attorneys can negotiate favorable terms, even with smaller lump-sum payments, offering a way forward.

Don’t endure debt stress; take action if contacted by NAR or its representatives. Contact The Law Office of Jacob Partiyeli for debt settlement assistance. You deserve a fresh start.

Turn to Jacob Partiyeli: Your Best Defense

Jacob Partiyeli and his legal team can help clients through his many areas of specialization such as:

NAR Settlement Options
North American Collection Defense
CA North American Rebuttal
NAR Negotiations

Jacob Partiyeli: Best North American Recovery Debt Settlement Attorney in California

Contact us for a free consultation. Jacob Partiyeli and his team will strategize a successful legal plan for your individual situation. Experienced and compassionate, Jacob Partiyeli will fight for you. Call Today – (310) 801-1919.


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