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Reasons to Send a Legal Letter:

  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Demand Letters
  • Expression of Intent to Sue
  • Opinion Letters for Financial Transactions
  • Negotiate, Bargain, or Force Compliance
  • Breach of Contract
  • Employer/Employment Wage Issue
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • End Illegal Activity
  • End Annoyance
  • Slander/Harassment/Stalking

Let Jacob Partiyeli  Send your Legal Letter in 48 business hours for only $299

Why Trust Your Legal Letter to Jacob Partiyeli?

• Super-Fast Turnaround: Send your Legal Letter in 48 business hours or less.
• Highly Professional: Jacob Partiyeli is a highly reputable licensed attorney with years of diverse legal experience.
• High-Quality: Your Legal Letter is drafted and sent by one of the best attorneys in the business – Jacob Partiyeli.
• Affordable: Legal Letters can cost over $1000 but at The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli, you pay only $299.
• Zero Hassle: The process of getting a Legal Letter from Jacob Partiyeli is smooth and simple.
• No Waiting Around: You’ll have your Legal Letter right away with no sitting around waiting and no complicated forms to fill out.

Do You Also Need to File a Lawsuit?

Oftentimes Legal Letters require other measures to be taken as well. If you are in need of filing a lawsuit or require representation of any kind, we are here for you. Set up a free consultation today.

How it Works:

  • Fill out one form – that’s all. Provide The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli with the details of the case and supporting documents.
  • Your case is assigned. Your case will be given to Jacob Partiyeli who will begin the draft right away.
  • Draft review. The first draft of your Legal Letter will be sent to you for review.
  • Draft revisions. If your Legal Letter requires revising, that will be tended to right away.
  • Final approval. Once revisions are complete, you provide the final approval.
  • Your Legal Letter will be delivered with USPS, certified, signature required mail service
  • In the event the opposition responds, you are quickly notified, and the reply is forwarded to you immediately.

A professional Legal Letter from an influential attorney like Jacob Partiyeli is a powerful motivator.

Are you in a situation that would benefit from a Demand Letter? If so, request one now.

Being in a position where you need to take legal action can be uncomfortable and intimidating. When you rely on the professional services of Los Angeles Attorney Jacob Partiyeli, you can rest assured your Legal Letter will be skillfully drafted with knowledge and expertise. The entire process will be quick, easy, and affordable.

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