I’ve Been Hurt! Do I Need a Motel/Hotel Injury Attorney?

Hotels and motels are buildings and structures that are designed to provide sleeping accommodations. They typically house twenty-five or more guests.

Some hotels and motels also serve food or have continental breakfasts. Some offer amenities such as swimming pools, hot tubs, gyms, and public meeting rooms. There are low-rate motels and there are those that are upscale, luxurious ones. You can rent some by the hour and others commonly rent by the week or month. Regardless of what quality of motel or hotel you stayed at or how long you were there for the owner and management of the facility are charged with keeping the place reasonably safe for your protection. It’s not optional. It’s the law.

Facts About Los Angeles Hotels and Motels

The United States is home to over 91,000 hotels and motels. With attractions like Disneyland, Hollywood stars, and the California coastline, Los Angeles is a leading area for accommodations, of both the luxurious and scumbag varieties.

The US Hotel and Motels industry is valued at around $177.6 billion. When you are staying at a hotel or motel in the Los Angeles area, you shouldn’t have to worry about being injured due to negligence or because of a defect in a product or equipment in common lounging areas, guest rooms, or in the gym, hot tub, or pool.

Statistics prove that this is not the case though. Hotel and motel accidents happen all the time. If you’ve been hurt at one, you should speak with a hotel/motel injury attorney right away. You may be entitled to have your medical bills covered and to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Don’t just guess if your case is court-worthy. Call an expert Los Angeles Motel/Hotel Injury Attorney like Jacob O. Partiyeli right away. The clock is ticking.

Most Common Hotel/Motel Injuries

Some of the most frequent hotel and motel accidents include:

Falls, Slips, and Trips
Certain areas at a hotel or motel are especially prone to slips, trips, and falls. Swimming pool and hot tub locations are typically wet and slippery. Gyms may also be slick. Common walkways tend to have carpets and rugs that can become lose, causing trips and falls, Any place there are obstacles such as those encountered where construction and repairs are taking place or where there is less than adequate lighting can pose dangers for trips, slips, and falls. Hiring a Motel/Hotel Injury Lawyer is the first thing you should consider.

Drowning Accidents
Most hotels and motels have pools and jacuzzies, especially in the Los Angeles area where the weather is warm much of the year. Sadly, drowning accidents are not uncommon. An average of eleven drownings occur per day in the United States. If appropriate precautions have not been taken, such as “slippery when wet”, “no diving”, “no lifeguard on duty”, etc., the hotel or motel may be liable for the accident. Many circumstances play a factor when determining this type of lawsuit. If your loved one drowned while staying in Los Angeles, you’ll need a motel/hotel injury attorney to recover the compensation you are rightly due.

Burns and Electric Shocks
Electric devices are widely used when staying at hotels and motels. From blow driers and coffeemakers to hot tub controls, electrical shock, burns, and even death can occur. If you or a loved one suffered injury involving electricity, the case can be very technical and involved as you’ll need to prove the motel/hotel was responsible. You not only need a Motel/Hotel Injury Attorney, but you’ll also want to hire one with experience in this realm.

Criminal Assault Injuries
When a hospitality establishment fails to make the property safe, criminal acts are more likely to occur. While no motel or hotel can completely control what goes on in the surroundings inside and outside of the building, it is their responsibility to make sure window and door locks are in working order and that the premises are well lit. If the motel/hotel did not take measures to ensure the safety of guests and you were injured in an assault, they may be liable and should be held accountable.

Injuries from Exercise Equipment
Exercise equipment can be dangerous even when the utmost precaution is used but when hotels fail to follow safety guidelines, the worst can happen. It is estimated that about 3 million injuries are sustained per year due to gym equipment. Broken bones, sprains and strains, spinal and head injuries, and even death can occur. If you were injured on exercise equipment at a hotel, the establishment may be liable.


Do I Need to Contact a Los Angeles Hotel/Motel Accident Attorney?

Unless you are a trained and experienced legal professional, you don’t want to guess if your motel/hotel injury qualifies for compensation. You need to speak to a motel/hotel injury lawyer who is seasoned in this particular personal injury area – like the law team at Jacob O. Partiyeli. Call today and let’s get started on your case – (310) 801-1919.