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The United States Constitution guarantees citizens the right to bear arms, but that right has limitations on state and federal levels. If you have a firearms arrest in Los Angeles, you’ll need a Criminal Defense Lawyer who is familiar with the laws and regulations that apply to your case, federally, in the state of California, and in the establishment or situation you were in.

There are many instances where firearms are illegal. There are also regulations governing the sale, purchase, and distribution of them. Unless you are an expert in firearm law in Los Angeles, you’ll need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney who is to ensure you have a good defense and a fair trial.

When you turn to the Law Office of Joseph Partiyeli, you can be sure you’ll be represented by the best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles. With years of experience in firearms arrests, you couldn’t have a better team for your defense.

Different Degrees of Firearm Offenses

If you were arrested for illegally storing a weapon because a firearm was considered to be in your custody and control but in essence, a passenger in your vehicle had it hidden on their body, you have a strong chance of getting off the charge if you have a defense lawyer. If you stored a firearm in a dresser drawer in your bedroom and your child got to it and shot himself, you’re in much more trouble. A Criminal Defense Lawyer is a must.

While there are different degrees of firearm offenses and the potential consequences they carry vary as well. Even if the charge you are facing isn’t a prison term, it can still be on your record, wreaking havoc. You could also lose your job over it.

A firearms arrest is a serious matter regardless of the degree and regardless of whether it is on a state or federal level. You won’t want to go a firearm charge alone. Reach out to the law office of Joseph Pertiyeli today and be assured you’re in good hands.

Federal and State Firearms Offenses

You may or may not have known that your action was illegal in Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter. As the old adage goes, “Ignorance is no excuse.” It is imperative to understand the responsibilities you face when carrying a firearm into designated locations and that engaging in certain activities is illegal when carrying or being in custody of a firearm.

Other laws apply to bearing firearms as well. If you have been convicted of specified felony of misdemeanors, federal and state laws prohibit you from possessing a firearm. If you’ve been dishonorable discharged from the U.S. armed forces, the same prohibition applies. Individual with a substance abuse history and undocumented aliens are also barred from owning and carrying firearms.

Some of the most common firearm offenses in Los Angeles include:

  • Carrying a weapon on a school campus
  • Possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Concealed weapons violations
  • Illegally obtaining a firearm
  • Illicit trafficking of weapons
  • Possession of prohibited firearms such as a machine gun or sawed-off shotgun

Range of Firearms Offense Penalties

Many factors help determine the penalties for a firearm offense in Los Angeles such as:

  • Your criminal background, if any.
  • Any previous convictions or charges.
  • Your intent to commit a crime using the firearm
  • If you were also in possession of drugs or alcohol.

Depending on the details, your firearm offense could bring a fine or could result in years in a federal or state penitentiary. With a competent, well-seasoned, expert Criminal Defense Attorney, you’ll have counsel on your side to represent you for the best possible outcome.

How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

You will need expert representation for firearms charges in Los Angeles. Online, referrals from friends, co-workers, and family members are effective ways to find an attorney.

When you’re looking for a lawyer, be sure to choose one who is experienced in the area you were arrested in, like Los Angeles. You’ll want to have a skilled attorney who already knows the law in the vicinity and is also familiar with the judges and district attorneys who will be involved.

The extent of your case may involve your arrest, making a plea of guilty or not guilty, and/or a federal or state trial in a court of law. You can’t afford not to hire an expert Criminal Defense Lawyer like Jacob Partiyeli.

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