Is your landlord more concerned with collecting your rent than providing a safe living place for you? If so, you might have a slumlord. Is your landlord constantly ignoring your pleas for him or her to fix things that are wrong on the property? If so…chances are good you’re dealing with a slumlord.

Slumlords are notorious for being self-centered. You won’t get very far continuing to try to get him or her to make repairs. A lawsuit is most likely in order. You have rights in the State of California, but you must take action. Speak to a Slumlord Lawyer today and get moving towards a better living situation.


What is Slumlord?

A slumlord is a landlord who is usually an absentee landlord and one who typically runs more than one property. They attempt to maximize profit levels by spending as little time and money on keeping the property up as possible. Tenant comfort and safety are of little or no concern. Slumlords often have properties in low-income areas of town and charge high rent. They get away with whatever they can. They are self-centered and greedy, willing to break rental laws if they have to in order to profit.

Areas of neglect are many. Some of the problems on the property that you may be experiencing include”

  • No access to clean, running water
  • No air conditioning
  • No heat
  • Leaking roof, walls, or windows
  • Not having access to working plumbing
  • Not having a kitchen sink
  • Unsafe conditions on the property grounds
  • Boarded-up doors or windows
  • Pests and other infestations


If any of the problems above sound familiar and you have made one or more request for the situation to be remedied, you very well may have a slumlord as a landlord. You have rights. Let an attorney help you stand up for those rights. You deserve better.

Landlords who are slumlords are notorious for mistreating their tenants by verbally or physically abusing them. They emotionally abuse them too by saying they are crazy or that they aren’t entitled to have decent conditions. They may try to physically harm you if you try to deal with them on your own. You need an attorney to help you get through the mirk and mire. Don’t put it off. You need out of the horrible setting you are in. It is your right and you deserve better.


Slumlord Litigation

Slumlord litigation is action that is taken against a landlord who refuses to uphold their end of the lease agreement and who is negligent in one or more areas including safety and comfort. The State of California has set provisions as to what tenants are entitled to and if a slumlord is violating those rights, Slumlord Litigation may be in order.

The best thing you can do is to go for a free consultation and find out what an attorney thinks. He or she will know right away if you have a valid case or not. If you do, you may be able to recover the rent you have paid, any expenses you were out, and perhaps additional money as well. Don’t you think you’ve taken the abuse long enough? It’s time to fight for what is legally yours.


Slumlord Litigation Lawyer

A Slumlord Litigation Lawyer is a specialist in dealing with slumlords and the lawsuits brought against them. If you are in a situation where you are going to pursue action against a landlord who is a slumlord, you’ll want to have a Slumlord Litigation Lawyer represent you to help ensure the best outcome. Don’t go to just any lawyer. You want to have the best in Slumlord Litigation.

Buildings often become unfit for humans to live in when they aren’t kept up. A slumlord doesn’t care. When the conditions get out of hand, you need a Slumlord Litigation Attorney to help you file a case and navigate through it. Safety and decent conditions are your Tenant Rights by law. When that is not being honored, your attorney will know just what action to take.

Initially, you’ll meet with your attorney and give him or her all the details of your situation. He or she will make a determination on the validity of the case. Along the way, there are stumbling blocks that can occur and complications may arise. That’s when you certainly need the assistance of a Slumlord Lawyer.

Although the case may go all the way to trial, it can sometimes be remedied prior to court. Your landlord will most likely have a lawyer or team of lawyers because he or she anticipates being in legal trouble when being neglectful. He or she is given to take the chance though.

Your attorney may work out an agreement with the defending attorney or landlord or may not. The lawsuit may go to trial. You don’t want to go it alone in court. You need the best Slumlord Lawyer in Los Angeles on your side.

When it comes to the initial stages, you also need the help of a lawyer. It can be overwhelming to fill out and file the correct paperwork at the right time and place. An attorney who is experienced in Slumlord Litigation will know how to do it all so you can relax and let the case play out. You’ve got enough stress to deal with.


Best Slumlord Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you need assistance with your Slumlord lawsuit, you’re in luck. For the best Slumlord Attorney in Los Angeles, give the Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli a call. Jacob is an expert Slumlord Litigation Lawyer. He will meet with you and evaluate your case to find if you have just cause for a lawsuit. If you do, he will file it and assist you in navigating through it. Jacob will fight for your rights as a tenant. Call today for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting – (310) 810-1919