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If you’re receiving calls from Coastal Law Firm, your entire life probably feels out of control. Since Coastal is a law firm, the stress it places is magnified. What you may not realize is that Coastal Law Firm is under the same legal obligations as any other collection agency. That doesn’t mean they abide by them, however. In fact, the firm is currently under review for using collection tactics that are prohibited.

On a good note, Coastal Law Firm is often willing to settle the balance of a debt for much less than the original balance. That’s where The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli comes in. We help our clients avoid Coastal lawsuits by negotiating debt settlements. If you’ve been contacted by Coastal Law Firm, reach out today. As a Coastal Law debt consultant, Jacob Partiyeli can help. Call – (310) 801-1919.

Wondering How to Settle Coastal?

The best plan of action in settling with Coastal is to turn to the best Coastal Law Firm Debt Settlement Lawyer in California – Jacob Partiyeli. He is an expert in Coastal Law relief strategies. For a free consultation and Costal Law Firm resolution advice, call The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli today – (310) 801-1919.

What is Coastal Law Firm?

Coastal Law Firm is a debt collection agency located in Newport Beach, California. The law firm represents creditors that try to collect on non-federal student loans and other debts. Coastal Law Firm’s business practices have drawn a number of complaints over the years for such tactics as:

Attempts to collect on debts that aren’t actually owed
Failure to give proper notification of a lawsuit
Threats to debtors or assumed debtors

Get Debtor-Friendly Coastal Support: Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in California

Coastal Law Firm is a law office but its attorneys are still required to follow the same state and federal laws that are laid out for other debt collectors. These laws are put in place to prevent collection tactics from becoming abusive. Some of the forbidden practices include:

Calls to debtors early in the morning or late at night
Calls debtors at the workplace after being told not to call
Using profane or obscene language over the telephone or in writing
Threats to debtors
Intimidating debtors
Failure to properly identify as debt collectors
Discussion of debts with others like co-workers or family members

Coastal Law Firm sends collection letters and makes phone calls to collect debts. When their efforts don’t produce the desired results they want, they typically file a lawsuit.

Exercising Your Rights Against Coastal Law Firm CA

If you feel your rights have been violated, it’s important to call a Coastal Law Firm Debt Settlement Lawyer in California immediately. Jacob Partiyeli is an expert Coastal Law Firm Creditor Defense Attorney in LA who will passionately fight for your rights.

Expecting the Unexpected

Coastal Law Firm doesn’t hesitate to bring about a lawsuit if a debtor doesn’t pay up. These lawsuits typically commence with a complaint and summons. The complaint details and the amount that is owed. It is imperative that you scrutinize this document for any errors.

The summons is a court directive. You will usually have 30 days to respond. Your response should lay out any defense you plan to implement.

It’s advisable to have assistance from an experienced attorney because every action or failure to act at this point is crucial.

If the lawsuit goes unanswered, Coastal Law Firm can secure a default judgment which marks the beginning of legal and financial complications, including potential financially trying actions such as bank account seizures, wage garnishments, and property liens. Charges may even be tacked on at this point like attorney’s fees, court costs, and interest – adding insult to injury.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to debt challenges, even after a judgment: debt settlement. Reach out to Jacob Partiyeli and his legal team today and find out more about your best options.

Jacob Fights Coastal Law Firm Claims

Jacob Partiyeli has been creating and carrying out Coastal Law Firm settlement strategies for over a decade to help his clients in the following areas:

Avoidance of COASTAL LAW FIRM Lawsuits
Securing COASTAL LAW FIRM Debt Reduction
Coastal Law Firm Debt Consultation
Counter Coastal Law Firm Actions

Each case is unique. Jacob Partiyeli is willing and able to help you decide the most beneficial course of action. Call today for a free consultation.

Expert Coastal Law Firm Representation in Los Angeles

If you’re being pursued by Coastal Law Firm debt and collections, Jacob Partiyeli can help you set the record straight. Schedule a free consultation today to protect your rights and regain control of your financial future. Call now – (310) 801-1919.


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