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Have you been injured while delivering UPS or handling or driving for them?. UPS (United Parcel Service) delivers 10,277 pieces of mail every minute of the day, totaling more than 14.8 packages daily. That’s a lot of mail.

Due to the high volume, the pressure of timely deliveries, vehicle crashes, heavy lifting, and other factors, UPS drivers suffer more than their fair share of accidents.

It’s important to know that you have rights. You may have to fight for those rights and the compensation you deserve, however.

That’s where Jacob Partiyeli comes in. One of the best UPS Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Los Angeles, he will fight passionately for justice on your behalf.

UPS Worker Rights Advice

Regardless of whether you were a driver, package handler, or involved in any role at UPS, if you’ve suffered an injury while on the job, it’s crucial to understand your rights and take appropriate action. Workers’ Compensation exists to protect your interests, covering medical expenses and lost wages.

Promptly report the injury to your supervisor, document all details, and seek immediate medical attention.

If the claims process becomes complicated or denied, consulting a skilled Worker’s Compensation Attorney like Jacob Partiyeli can be invaluable.

Your rights matter, and ensuring you receive the support and compensation you deserve is crucial to your recovery and financial security.

Do I Need UPS Injury Claim Support?

Usually, employer insurance handles the financial responsibility for workplace injury costs. However, complications may lead to delays in compensation.

Workers’ Compensation isn’t a guaranteed automatic process; it demands injured workers to diligently follow a specific procedure. Failing to do so correctly could result in denial by the employer’s insurer.

While other reasons for claim denials exist, many issues can potentially be resolved without needing an appeal.

If these efforts prove unsuccessful, it might become necessary to initiate a formal appeal with the state Workers’ Compensation board or a similar authority.

Seeking guidance from a seasoned UPS Workers’ Compensation Attorney is advisable to navigate this process effectively. The legal team at The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli is ready to help you so reach out today – (310) 801-1919.

How to Appeal UPS Claims

When direct communication with the Workers’ Compensation insurer fails to yield results, there are several steps to consider. Initially, you can initiate an appeal, which entails following a specific procedure.

It’s important to acknowledge that this process can be quite challenging, particularly for individual workers who may not have legal assistance readily available.

The appeal process is overseen by the state workers’ compensation agency.

Typically, it commences with mediation, where a mediator is assigned to facilitate an informal meeting between you and UPS’ insurer’s representative.

Having an attorney, such as Jacob Partiyeli, renowned for negotiation skills, can be advantageous during this mediation phase.

If mediation proves unsuccessful, the next stage involves a formal hearing presided over by a judge or panel.

Adequate preparation is essential, addressing the insurer’s reasons for claim denial, and your attorney’s guidance remains invaluable throughout this phase.

Ultimately, the judge or panel assesses both sides of the dispute and issues a final decision.

UPS Worker Rights Counsel in LA

If you are filing a lawsuit against UPS, you’ll need the best Worker Compensation Attorney in LA. With over a decade in Workers’ Compensation Law, Jacob Partiyeli has successfully represented hundreds of injured workers. He will fight for your rights too.

Areas of specialty include:

Courier Injury Claim Assistance
Package Delivery Injury Rights
Wrongful Termination Defense
Delivery Worker Appeal Help
Courier Worker Appeal Help
Handler Appeal Help

UPS Accident Legal Services in Los Angeles

If you have been injured while working for UPS or if you have been denied a Workers’ Compensation claim you filed against them, call Jacob Partiyeli to set up a free consultation – (310) 801-1919.


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