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Have you been hurt while working at Target? Founded in 1902, Target has over 1800 stores and is one of the largest private employers in America. That certainly doesn’t mean Target is necessarily the safest place to work, .

Target Injuries and Target Injury Claim Assistance: Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles

Employees at Target, like in any workplace, can get hurt in various ways. While Target typically maintains safety protocols and procedures to minimize the risk of injuries, accidents can still happen. Some common ways employees can get hurt at Target include:

Slip and Fall Accidents: Employees can slip on wet or slippery surfaces, trip over obstacles, or fall on uneven flooring in the store.

Heavy Lifting: Lifting heavy merchandise or improperly handling objects can lead to strains, sprains, or back injuries.

Falling Objects: Employees may be at risk of objects falling from shelves or overhead storage areas, potentially causing injuries.

Equipment and Machinery: Accidents can occur while operating equipment like forklifts or using machinery in the stockroom or distribution centers.

Repetitive Stress: Performing repetitive tasks, such as scanning items at the checkout or stocking shelves, can lead to repetitive stress injuries over time.

Cuts and Bruises: Employees working with merchandise or handling equipment may accidentally cut themselves or suffer minor injuries.

Workplace Violence: In rare cases, incidents involving violence, such as altercations with customers or coworkers, can lead to injuries.

Electrical Hazards: Working with electrical equipment or outlets can pose a risk if proper safety precautions are not followed.

Chemical Exposure: Employees using cleaning products or handling hazardous materials may be exposed to chemicals, potentially leading to injuries.

Inadequate Training: Lack of proper training can result in employees not knowing how to handle certain tasks safely, increasing the risk of accidents.

Target has Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover employees but if you have filed a claim, you probably already know that getting approved doesn’t come automatically.

Often you are denied, especially if you didn’t go through a Target Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles when you initially filed your claim. It’s not too late.

Jacob Partiyeli is an expert at Target accident claim appeals. Don’t go it alone when help is just a call away.

How to claim Target Injury

The best way to claim a Target injury is to seek the counsel and representation of a seasoned Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Likewise, if you have been denied a claim you’ve already filed, a lawyer who is experienced in LA Workers’ Compensation appeals is your best bet.

Best Target Accident Legal Services in Los Angeles

If you have been injured while working for Target or if you have been denied a Workers’ Compensation claim, call Jacob Partiyeli to set up a free consultation – (310) 801-1919.


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