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Walmart is the most popular retail store in existence. With 11,000 stores in 27 countries around the world, 4,756 of them being in the US, you’ve probably shopped there at least once in your life. Most trips in and out of Walmart are uneventful. But, if you suffered an injury while at a Walmart in Los Angeles, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer to represent you.
Walmarts are large, busy stores. A lot goes on from day to day and even at night like shoppers searching for their goods while stockers are loading shelves and cleaning crews are mopping floors. Maintenance is a frequent occurrence too.

Accidents can and do happen anytime, anywhere – yes, even at Walmart. If you’ve been hurt at Walmart due to Walmart’s negligence or irresponsibility (or that of their employee), reach the Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli today. let us know the details of your situation and we’ll let you know if we feel you have a case.

Walmart Personal Injury Claims

It is Walmart’s responsibility to ensure you have a safe shopping experience each time you go into their store. It’s the law. They have an obligation to not only to maintain a safe environment but to warn customers if anything could potentially be unsafe such as wet floors due to spills or recent mopping of the area.

If an injury takes place at Walmart, it is up to the law to decide who is at fault and who pays any medical bills incurred. In the event that you are hurt, don’t let Walmart tell you they are not responsible. That is not up to them to determine. Give our law office a call and we’ll let you know if you have Los Angeles Walmart personal injury case to pursue.

Types of Walmart Accidents

Being such a popular destination for shopping, Walmart has its share of accidents and injury cases. The most common Walmart injuries are slips, falls, and trips but there are many other types of injuries that occur as well. The top causes for Walmart accidents are:

  • Slips and falls due to wet or slick floors
  • Falls and slips due to obstacles
  • Harm from a product falling off the shelf
  • Being hit by a Walmartemployee operating equipment such as a forklift
  • A bite or other harm suffered from a dog in the store
  • Being hurt by a ladder falling on you
  • Burns on skin caused by open or spilled chemicals
  • Breathing issues from chemicals used to clean or that have spilled
  • Cuts and gashes due to lumber that sticks off shelves

Possible Injury Results

When a product falls from a top shelf or a shopper slips on a wet floor, a number of medical scenarios may take place including:

  • Cuts
  • Gashes
  • Broken bones
  • Sprained ankles
  • Brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Concussions

Unsafe Conditions Due to Negligence at Walmart

Regardless of why the incident occurred, if you were hurt at Walmart, they are responsible if negligence, oversight, or lack of responsibility played any part. Walmart retailers are legally required to properly train their employees and are to do everything else within their power to ensure the safety of their shoppers. Failure to do so may warrant cause for a lawsuit against them.

Personal Injuries are Painful and Costly

If you were injured at Walmart, you may have ended up going to the hospital by ambulance or at least making a trip to the ER. Doctor’s bills, hospital tabs, and prescription charges begin to mount. You may have even had surgery or been told you may need one in the future. Physical therapy is a common equation in the mix too.

The fact is that medical injuries cost money. So do emotional issues that often develop after an injury. Other expenses add up too like being off work, babysitting fees while you go to your medical appointments, paying for a way to get to the appointments if your injury doesn’t allow you to drive, a myriad of other costs can easily be racked up.

t is unreasonable to expect a Walmart shopper to pay the expenses that were incurred because of an injury that wasn’t his or her fault.

Pain and suffering are other factors to consider. You trusted Walmart to keep you safe while in their building and if that didn’t happen, you may be entitled to compensation.

As personal injury attorneys in the Los Angeles area, we serve those who have suffered injury in Walmart. We are committed to our clients and can’t be scared off, even by the largest retailer in the world. You have rights. Let us fight for those rights for you. We are  and are one of the most successful and trusted personal injury law offices in LA and surrounding areas for a very good reason. We are powerful.

What to Expect From Us

Being injured is frightening and overwhelming. You have your medical situation and bills to worry about and so many other problems stacked on top of those things.  It’s normal to put off calling a personal injury attorney because you don’t have time or the energy.

t is important for you to call as soon as you can though. Time is of essence while the accident is still fresh in the minds of any witnesses and the details are easier for you to remember.

It may be your first time dealing with a personal injury, but it’s certainly not ours. We bring years of experience to the table and have successfully represented hundreds of clients in personal injury claims. We’ll guide you through the process. 

One of the first things that will happen after your call is that we’ll take is to set up an initial consultation so we can determine if there’s a legitimate case to pursue. During this process, we’ll ask for information and collect evidence from you such asking about witnesses, video footage, etc.

If your case is accepted, our experts will go right to work on your case. We will consider all the details and do our best to determine a root cause for the injury which is called “causation”. Potential causation may include situations like the following:

  • An untrained or careless employee driving equipment (like a forklift) in an unsafe manner
  • Construction taking place that is not properly warning customers
  • Products not being stocked on the shelf correctly
  • Failure to clean spills from the floor
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Neglecting to fix faulty walkways or flooring

We never leave out possibilities of your injury being long-lasting or permanent damage such as having decreased mobility for the rest of your life. Surgeries you may need on down the line, mental challenges that may develop, and a score of other potential problems that could easily be overlooked are given full attention by our legal team.

We handle all areas of your case with the utmost care. We are experts with experience who are not intimidated by Walmart or their attorneys.

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