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It’s the unthinkable…a plane is down, and you’re loved one was on it. Or you’re taking a nap on a plane and awake to the realization that the plane is in trouble. Then there are helicopter accidents too. Perhaps you were standing in your backyard and a small plane landed beside you, injuring you and damaging your home. If you have been injured by an aviation accident, you will need a strong and diligent attorney. That is what it will take to bring an aviation accident to court and win the settlement. You can trust the Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli to fight for you and to win. We are experienced aviation accident lawyers in Los Angeles. We’ve won before and we’ll win again. Count on us to get your settlement and to get it quickly.

The odds of you dying in an airplane crash are 1 in 5 million, according to the experts. If your loved one was that one, nothing else matters. Last year alone there were 15 fatal world airline accidents that cause 134 deaths. Small private planes and helicopters are also involved in aviation accidents. When you climb onboard an airplane or helicopter, you are typically aware of the dangers. It’s when the accident could have been avoided that you are eligible to sue for damages such as medical and all other incurred expenses, loss of wages, and mental anguish. If the person died in the accident, final expense is asked for in the settlement as well. Clearly, you will need a Los Angeles aviation attorney who is experienced in every aspect of aviation personal injury and wrongful death law. You need us.

Causes of Death and Injury in an Aviation Accident

There are various causes of injury and death in aviation crashes, depending on different factors. The location of the seat you are in, the cause of the accident, and so many other factors are to be considered. The main cause of death and serious injury is multiple injuries involving:

  • Internal injuries sustained (pelvis, thorax, abdomen)
  • Head injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Drowning
  • Heart attacks

Aviation Accident Liability

Aviation has been around for over 100 years and now, technology is catching up in the safety realm. That doesn’t mean accidents never happen though. They do. Computerized technology is partly responsible for the increased safety, but it can also be responsible for accidents too. From those who control aircraft commands from a tower to pilots who operate them from computerized stations, if technology fails, everyone goes down, With over 220,000 active aircraft in the world, risks are present no matter how new developments have improved the skies. Most aviation accidents happen during the cruise part of the flight or when the aircraft is enroute. The trouble with aviation accidents is that surviving one from high in the sky is unlikely. There are accidents that happen in the aircraft that aren’t due to crashes such as trips, slips, and falls and objects falling from the storage cabins. Whatever your aviation injury is and no matter how it happened, we can help. We are seasoned aviation personal injury lawyers who will fight for you.

Helicopter Accidents

Helicopter crashes are either private or publicly owned. Accidents are not uncommon, especially when pilots have little or no experience. Medical helicopters, news helicopters, and police helicopters are common to see in the sky. Helicopters offer a unique view of the surroundings below and are sometimes booked as tour helicopters. When a helicopter crashes, passengers and the piolet are at great risk for serious injury or death. Those who are below are not safe either. If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a helicopter accident, you need legal representation to ensure your case returns compensation for your or your loved one’s pain and suffering (mental and physical) and any medical or burial bills incurred. Mental anguish is another realm to address. We are helicopter accident lawyers who will work diligently to ensure your helicopter accident receives the utmost attention in court and that your settlement is as it should be. Whether you were on the ground or in the air, you deserve the compensation that is rightfully yours. Call now.

Private Plane Aviation Accidents

Were you or a loved one injured or killed in a private plane aviation accident in Los Angeles? Private planes are flown for enjoyment and entertainment or for business. Planes can be rented out. The most common cause of private plane aviation accidents is pilot error. When suing for personal injury in a private plane aviation accident, information is gathered by a black box, witnesses, voice records, and flight data are sought but not always available. While liability belongs to the pilot and owner of the plane, lawsuits can be quite complicated. Insurance companies are often involved. You will need the help of a lawyer experienced in private plane aviation lawsuits. Give us a call today and let us evaluate your claim.

Commercial Airplane Accidents

When you board a plane, you have the option of taking out additional insurance in case there’s an accident. But what happens if you or your loved one chose not to? While the airlines might have you believe you’re out of luck, that’s not the case. You will have to fight for your compensation or, better yet, you’ll need an attorney to do the fighting for you. Unless you have an extensive background in aviation law for personal injury and wrongful death claims, hiring an attorney is the wisest way to fly. To go up against a major airline, you’ll need an expert to ensure your compensation for medical costs, monetary recovery for mental issues such as trauma, and pain and suffering allowance. If you are filing wrongful death charges on behalf of a loved one, you’ll certainly need a skilled attorney for aviation accidents in Los Angeles. Call today. We can help – regardless of if you or your loved one took out the insurance or not. . You can trust the Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli to fight for you.

Entertainment Aviation Lawsuit

When a plane or helicopter is booked for parachute jumping or entertainment purposes, the last thing on your mind is having an accident. Entertainment aircraft do go down, however. Pilot error and weather are the leading causes. If you are looking to file an entertainment aviation – give us a call.

Liability of In-Flight Aviation Injuries

In-flight injuries are those that occur while the plane is in the air. The stewardess spilling hot coffee in your lap, injuries from jagged or broken plastic or metal, and trips and falls are common reasons in-flight aviation injuries take place. If you’ve been injured in-flight and feel it was the airline’s neglect that caused it, contact us so we can evaluate your case.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

In correlation with the FAA and the NTSB, aviation accidents are classified in reports and then are fully investigated. Information is gathered from pilots, passengers, crew members, and all other involved parties. The most common causes of aviation accidents are:

  • In-flight loss of control (missing the runway, premature descent, failure to follow proper procedure, medical episode, pilot falling asleep, etc.)
  • Controlled flight into terrain (a crash despite pilot having control of the plane)
  • Fuel-related accident (running out of fuel, prevention of fuel reaching the tank, etc.)
  • Mid-air collisions
  • Natural causes (weather, natural disaster)
  • Mechanical problems

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