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Have you been injured on the job at Pepsico? Founded as “Pepsi” in 1893, Pepsico is the second most valuable soft drink company in the world.

With around 315,000 employees who work in the office, warehouse, and factory., it’s not uncommon for workers to suffer injuries. Some are minor and some are not.

Pepsico has Workers’ Compensation insurance that is supposed to cover employee accidents, so the workers don’t have to pay medical bills and be totally without their income while off work, but that doesn’t always work out.

The insurance company can be hasty to deny a claim, especially if you didn’t go through a Pepsico Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles.

It’s wise to secure counsel from a reputable attorney in LA like Jacob Partiyeli who can help you secure the benefits you rightfully deserve. Even if you’ve already filed and have been denied, The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli can fight for your rights so you can be compensated.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Pepsico Appeal

If you’ve sustained a valid workplace injury while working at Pepsico, it’s fair to expect compensation for essential medical care and potential income losses resulting from your inability to promptly return to work.

These expectations often coincide with the approval of a workers’ compensation claim by your employer’s insurer. Nonetheless, not all claims receive approval, often for a variety of reasons.

In instances of denied claims, pursuing an appeal becomes essential, and it’s wise to seek the guidance of an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney before commencing the appeal process.

Contacting Pepsico’ Insurance Company

If your claim is denied, don’t give up. First, speak to the Pepsico insurance company to find out if there’s a simple reason for the denial or an oversight. If not, proceed to attain an attorney for your appeal.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is a no-fault insurance. If the accident wasn’t deliberate and truly took place, there is no good reason for a denial. It’s time for an Pepsico Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles to step in. It’s time for Jacob Partiyeli.

Filing Your Appeal

If you encounter an unsatisfactory response from Pepsico’ insurance provider, the next course of action may involve filing an appeal. While this process can be demanding and time-consuming, persevering with the assistance of a lawyer increases your chances of securing the necessary compensation. The appeal procedure is governed by the state’s workers’ compensation board or a similar regulatory agency.

Initially, you may be required to participate in mediation with a representative from the insurance company. If this mediation attempt proves unsuccessful, a formal hearing will be arranged. During the hearing, a judge will carefully evaluate the evidence presented by both sides regarding the claim’s validity.

Depending on the hearing’s outcome, this may conclude the appeal process if the decision favors you. However, if the decision is not in your favor and you wish to continue the appeal, you may have the option to have the judge’s decision reviewed by a state appeals board or even by the state Appellate Court.

Jacob Partiyeli: LA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have been hurt while working for Pepsico, you need an excellent lawyer. You need the best – Jacob Partiyeli. With over a decade of experience in defending successful Workers’ Comp claims, some of his areas of specialty include:

LA Snack Factory Injuries
Beverage Line Worker Compensation
Pepsico Injury Consultations
Pepsico Workers’ Compensation Claim Appeals

Time is not on your side. There are time frames a claim must be completed in. Call today before it’s too late. Let Jacob Partiyeli and his legal team fight for your rights. Regardless of how powerful Pepsico’ representation is, Jacob Partiyeli never backs down when it comes to defending his clients’ right and recovering the maximum compensation.

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