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The Moore Law Group, acting as both a law firm and a debt collector, represents creditors and debt purchasers. While many of its employees may not be attorneys, the firm’s legal knowledge can make it a formidable and intimidating collector to contend with. This is in addition to their standard collection methods. However, it’s important to note that being a law firm does not automatically ensure ethical debt collection practices, nor does it guarantee the validity of their collection activities. In fact, The Moore Law Group has faced allegations of questionable business practices, inaccuracies, and other concerning conduct.

Have you received communication or legal action from The Moore Law Group? You don’t have to face them alone. The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli assist debtors in resolving their accounts once and for all, allowing them to move forward with their lives.

What You Should Know About the Moore Group

The Moore Law Group, functioning as a debt collector, employs standard collection methods such as sending letters and making phone calls. However, due to its status as a law firm, The Moore Law Group resorts to legal action, including filing lawsuits when necessary, to compel debtors to pay the alleged debts. If you have already had any form of contact with this firm, it is highly likely that you may face legal action in the future.

Debtors have raised grievances against The Moore Law Group, alleging various illegal, unethical, and oppressive debt collection practices. These complaints encompass:

Harassment of any kind
Failure to properly credit accounts with prior payments made by the debtor
Utilizing deceptive, false, and misleading methods to collect debts
Misrepresenting the nature or amount of the debt
Attempting to collect sums not legitimately owed

The Moore Collection Process

As mentioned above, there’s a good chance The Moore Law Group will sue you if its collection efforts are not effective. That means you can expect calls and letters to eventually escalate to a lawsuit.

Debt collection lawsuits begin with filing a complaint. The complaint will contain important allegations concerning the debt you allegedly owe, allegations that may or may not be true. They will effectuate the service of the complaint upon you, along with a summons. The summons is a document that informs you that you’ve been sued and need to respond. Usually, debtors will have 30 days to answer the lawsuit. You have the opportunity to defend yourself or to plead not guilty of the debtor, Not replying at all is the worst choice as you will put yourself in the position for a judgement to be brought against you which may include:

A lien on your property
Bank seizure
Paycheck garnishment

Turn to Jacob Partiyeli: Your Best Defense

Jacob Partiyeli and his legal team can help clients thwart against Moore actions. Areas of specialization include:

Moore Settlement Options
Moore Debt Grievance
Moore Countermeasures CA
Moore Balance Reduction
Fighting Moore Collections
Negotiating with Moore
Moore Claim Rebuttals

Call today for a free consultation so Jacob Partiyeli and his team can strategize a legal plan for your individual situation. Experienced and compassionate, Jacob Partiyeli will fight fiercely for you.

Best Moore Debt Settlement Lawyer in California


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