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Heavy equipment accidents due to machinery defects are one of the major causes of workplace accidents in the United States. Building a lawsuit against a large manufacturing company on your own can be nearly impossible. The worker needs to establish proof of defective equipment so the manufacturer can be held accountable. Each year, countless workers sustain severe injuries as a result of working with potentially dangerous equipment; injuries that can have debilitating, lasting effects and require extensive and costly medical care to treat. If you or a loved one was involved in a machinery defect accident, you are entitled to compensation. The Law Offices of Jacob O Partiyeli can help you build a strong case and recover the full benefits that you are entitled to. Our offices have experience in proving design defects, how and why the defect occurred, level of contributory fault if any, and we are committed to proving the manufacturer’s responsibility when defects occur.

Common Defective Machinery Accidents

Heavy machinery accidents can cause severe, permanent, and even fatal injuries. These injuries can occur as a result of improper maintenance of machinery, poorly manufactured equipment, failure to provide proper training, faulty instructions and negligence. Defective machinery is a leading cause of construction equipment accidents, but workers who use heavy equipment and machinery in any industry – manufacturing, agriculture, and oil drilling, for example – are at risk of being injured.
Some of the most common types of machinery that cause workplace accidents include:

Effects of Defective Machinery Accidents

Accidents involving defective machinery can cause a wide-range of injuries. These injuries can be severe, cause lasting damage, and in some cases, they can be life-threatening. Examples of the damages defective machinery accidents can cause include:
These injuries require extensive and costly medical care. They can also prevent victims from working, which can lead to lost wages, cause long-lasting pain, and lead to severe mental and emotional anguish. Employees who are involved in on-the-job defective machinery accidents can be entitled to full workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help to pay for medical care, replace lost wages, and provide compensation for pain and suffering.

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