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Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and the largest in California. Pasadena is only 11 miles away from the bustling city. Often coined the “Creative Capital of the World”, Pasadena is famous in its own rights too. With 139,725 people calling it home, and 259.8 tourists per year, Pasadena is a hotspot for rideshare commutes. The second most popular rideshare is Lyft. The company arrived on the scene in 2012, shortly after Uber debuted in 2009. If you took a Lyft in Pasadena, you probably expected an uneventful trip like most Lyft rides are. But if your trip ended up in a Lyft accident, there are some important things you should be aware of. Under California State Law, you do have rights. If you are in a Lyft wreck and are not adequately compensated for your expenses, you can bring a claim against Lyft. It’s best to have a Lyft Accident Attorney represent you so you can focus on getting better while your lawyer tends to your case. Even if you aren’t sure you want to commit, you can always set up a no-obligation consultation.

Help! I Had a Lyft Accident in Pasadena

When you elected to climb into the backseat of a Lyft, you expected the driver to get you to your destination safely. But if that didn’t happen and now you are hurt, in pain, out of work, and the bills are mounting, you must take action. It’s only fair because the accident wasn’t your fault so you shouldn’t be held responsible. Lyft should. Lyft rides are usually safe but there have been Lyft accidents throughout the years which is why even though Lyft drivers are independent contractors and not employees, Lyft carries insurance when one or more passengers are in the car. That doesn’t mean they freely fork it over though – far from it. They have insurance representatives and a team of powerful lawyers they pay good money to in order to help ensure they don’t have to pay or don’t pay much. Then there are possible complications that can arise that cause further problems. The insurance coverage is contingent, and it can leave gaps. What will you do if your injuries add up to more than is covered or if your driver wasn’t at fault or it was a shared fault wreck? Many different scenarios can arise. It’s best to have one of the experienced Lyft Accident Attorneys in Pasadena represent you. It never hurts just to speak to one even if you aren’t ready to commit.

Why Would I Need a Lyft Accident Attorney Pasadena?

Although you are not obligated by law to have an lawyer represent for your Lyft accident claim, it is a wise decision to do so. There are scores of benefits to having a Lyft Accident Lawyer and there is a myriad of disadvantages to not having one. Your lawyer knows all about Lyft accident claims – or should. It would take you a long time to learn all that you’d need to know on a Lyft accident case, especially when there is the chance of encountering complications. It is a smart move to have an expert on your side. Although your case may settle through negotiations, it also may go to court. Either way, an attorney who has successfully won such cases will know just how to handle the situation to ensure a favorable for your lawsuit. You can’t afford to go wrong. Don’t settle for less than the best. It has been proven that those who have an attorney have a better chance of winning their cases and tend to receive more compensation. In addition, it’s always best to hire an attorney who specializes in Personal Injury and Lyft lawsuits. It is also good to hire  one of the local Rideshare Accident Attorneys in Pasadena since they will be familiar with the Pasadena court system.

Best Lyft Accident Attorney in Pasadena

When you can’t afford to lose your Lyft case, you want the experience and expertise of the dedicated legal team at  The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli. With a myriad of successful rideshare cases under his belt, Jacob Partiyeli will fight for your legal rights and will do everything possible to recover all you are due. With Jacob Partiyeli, you don’t pay unless you win. Call today to set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation – (310) 801-1919.


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