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When Losing Isn’t an Option
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UPS Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Best UPS Truck Accident Lawyer in LA

Are you a victim of a UPS truck accident in Los Angeles? If so, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a shipping and delivery company that delivered an average of 24.3 million packages in 220 countries last year alone.

In Los Angeles, UPS is responsible for getting thousands of parcels to their destinations on time. Sometimes, this results in disaster as UPS truck drivers rush to get deliveries done as quickly as possible.

Hurt in a UPS Accident in Los Angeles?

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If you have been injured in a UPS truck accident in Los Angeles, you have legal options bestowed upon your from the State of California. Commercial vehicles have certain responsibilities and regulations to uphold under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that governs them. UPS is expected to adhere to the rules, especially since their trucks are much larger than average vehicles. Failure to do so can cause substantial risks to motorists they encounter on the roads and if that happens, they may be held liable to pay a considerable settlement.

UPS drivers are often rushing to deliver packages due to their enormous time crunch. Accidents happen. Some of the most common reasons for wrecks involving UPS delivery trucks in LA include:

• Sleep deprivation
• Failure to adhere to traffic laws (not yielding, ignoring stop sign, etc.)
• Use of cell phone while driving
• Speeding
• Being unfamiliar with the route

Some of the most common UPS truck injuries in Los Angeles include:

• Internal bleeding
• Broken bones
• Crushed organs and bones
• Lacerations
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Loss of limbs
• Dislocations
• Strains and sprains
• Whiplash
• Contusions
• Mental anguish
• Death

UPS is Legally Responsible for Negligent Actions

UPS is responsible by law for ensuring all the delivery trucks in operation uphold certain standards. All employees must meet requirements too such as following these regulations:

• Hours of Service: The FMCSA requires UPS delivery trucks and all commercial vehicle drivers to comply with Hours of Service regulations that limit the amount of hours commercial vehicle drivers can be on the road continuously.

• Inspection and maintenance requirements: UPS deliver drivers and their companies are required by federal law to make sure all are well-maintained and safe to drive at all times.

• Mandatory employee background checks: UPS remains responsible for performing a background check on each of their employees to ensure they have a clean driving record and are fit to drive a company vehicle.

• Obligation to train drivers: UPS and other deliver companies that employ drivers are legally required to train their drivers in the safe handling of company vehicles.

• Maintaining the proper load requirements: The FMCSA has specifically laid out guidelines for how much weight commercial vehicles are allowed to carry and how it must be secured.

Overloading a delivery truck with more weight than it can handle or not properly securing the cargo within can lead to a greater risk of accidents and is therefore forbidden.

If UPS and/or their employees do not honor the laws and regulations, under California law the victims of accidents are due to be compensated. If a claim is brought against them, you can bet UPS will have a defense team consisting of a host of aggressive attorneys to represent them, so you’d better be sure you have legal counsel too. You will be wise to have the best Attorney for UPS Accidents in LA – Jacob Partiyeli and his team of legal experts.

Maximize Your UPS Compensation with Jacob Partiyeli

Jacob Partiyeli is a well-seasoned Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles specializing in maximizing Compensation for UPS accidents in LA. Set up an appointment to speak to him to find out more. The visit is free so you can’t afford not to.

Best UPS Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

If you are a victim of a UPS truck accident in LA, don’t delay. Call today. There are certain actions you need to take. There is a statute of limitations in California. A claim must be filed within two years from the date of the accident. At The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli, we understand how overwhelming such a traumatic experience can be. We are here to help. We work diligently and will fiercely fight for your rights so you can recover the largest settlement compensation possible. You don’t pay unless you win and there is no charge for your initial consultation. Reach out today and begin the process of putting the nightmare behind you – once and for all.

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