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When Losing Isn’t an Option
You Can Trust Jacob O. Partiyeli

When Losing Isn’t an Option
You Can Trust Jacob O. Partiyeli

Los Angeles Criminal Law Attorney

Whether you have been charged with a crime or think you might be, you need an expert, experienced Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer. With years of experience in all areas of Criminal Law, Jacob O. Partiyeli and his professional legal team will fight for your rights.

Representation is imperative. If you are formally charged, you’ll be required to represent yourself or have legal counsel. You can count on The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli to stand up in your defense.

To find out more about what your case looks like, schedule a free consultation –  (310) 801-1919.

The Truth About Being Charged with a Crime

In Los Angeles, if you are charged with a crime, the formal charges will read, “The State of California vs. YOU.” And that’s exactly what it is – you against “the system.” Or you and your defense attorney against the system. Going up against the State of California alone is not recommended. Turn to the best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles, Jacob Partiyeli.

Amazing Results: Los Angeles Criminal Law Lawyer

What you need from your Criminal Defense Attorney is results. In the end, nothing else matters. If you are looking for an experienced, aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles, Jacob Partiyeli is the one you want in your corner. The winning team at Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli will come to your defense and will fight for your rights. We cover a wide variety of cases and are happy to discuss your individual charges and situation during a free initial consultation. You will be able to speak with Senor Attorney Jacob Partiyeli about your arrest, your charges, and the details about your case. The consultation is confidential. You will be advised of what steps you should take and will learn what your case looks like from a professional standpoint. It is best to call right away.
Many have gone before you with incredible results when they didn’t think they had any chance of their case working out. We have seen many cases thrown out of court as well as clients who have gotten probation rather than time in prison. If you need a miracle, call today. We can help. We are results driven, passionate about getting our clients the best outcome possible.

Criminal Law Attorney in Los Angeles - Areas of Expertise

Jacob Partiyeli is highly experienced in the defense of both felony and misdemeanor crimes in Los Angeles. Some of the many areas of expertise his representation encompasses include:

The Legal Process

The Arrest

In a criminal court procedure, the court process begins with an arrest. The action of being arrested calls for reasonable suspicious, or probable cause, that you are (or have) committed a crime. After being arrested, you’ll be booked and then released on bond if you post one or you’ll remain in jail until you post bond, go to court and are released, or serve time. If you do get out on bail, you will have to go to every court appearance the judge orders or your bond will be revoked.


Your first official court appearance is an arraignment. It is a court hearing conducted before a judge who will inform you of the charges against you. You will be able to make a plea of innocence, guilt, or no contest. If you plead guilty, your case immediately goes to the sentencing phase. Otherwise, you may proceed to trial or attempt to come to a plea bargain agreement between you and your attorney and the District Attorney. The agreement must be approved by the judge.


If you enter a plea of not guilty, your case will head to the pretrial phase where your attorney and the prosecuting attorney (D.A.) exchange information that is relevant to your case. Your attorney will ask to see all the evidence against you which is known as “discovery”. Requests may be made such as your defense attorney may ask for some of the evidence to be suppressed or even for your case to be thrown out for lack of evidence or for another reason. At any time, the two parties can agree upon a plea bargain.

The Trial

If your case is not disposed of or otherwise solved, it will go to trial. You do have the right to a speedy trial. You also can have a bench trial before the judge or a jury trial. Your guilt will have to be proven beyond doubt by the prosecution in order for you to be declared guilty but that can and does happen…all the time. Your best defense is the best Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles – Jacob Partiyeli.

Our Fierce Team will Fight for Your Rights

If you’ve ever needed a powerful legal team behind you, it’s when you have been charged with a crime or are looking at being charged with one.

A criminal conviction of any type can have serious repercussions. Under California law, you could face steep fines, probation, restitution, and even incarceration. In addition, a conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life by making it difficult to rent an apartment, owning or possessing a firearm, securing a loan, finding employment, and so much more.

Best Criminal Law Attorney in Los Angeles

At The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli in Los Angeles, we explore all viable options. Our outstanding team excels in developing a strong and solid defense for you. We will go to court with you and file all necessary motions and petitions feasible on your behalf. We are available for you to speak with us throughout the course of the duration of your legal representation. When you need the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles, we are here for you. Call now and move forward on getting your legal trouble behind you –  (310) 801-1919.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Call today and let Jacob Partiyeli fight for you.

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