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If the excitement of your new car has suddenly turned into dread because it is always broken or in the shop, you may have a lemon on your hands. Many cars are sold in Pasadena every day. Most are on the up and up but sometimes, a bad deal goes down.

If you have a lemon, cheer up. The State of California has a law that was created for unfortunate like you called the California Lemon Law. Under the Lemon Law, you are legally entitled to compensation or a replacement. You’ll greatly benefit from having a lawyer to help you navigate your case though.


What is the California Lemon Law?

A lemon is a product that is defective, usually a large purchase like a car. When your car is always broken or in the shop, chances are good you have a lemon.

The California Lemon Law is a state law that is set in place to cover buyers and leasers who have purchased a faulty vehicle otherwise known as a lemon. Under this law, the manufacturer is legally obligated to make right on a vehicle that is a lemon by giving a full refund or providing a replacement that is the same or equal to the original one except in proper working order.

If you suspect you have a lemon, a Lemon Law Attorney in Pasadena can help you.


California Lemon Law Explained

The California Lemon Law helps consumers who land up with a vehicle that has an issue that can’t be properly repaired after a reasonable number of attempts. The “reasonable” number of repairs can vary depending on the problem as well as how severe the problem is and if it is a safety issue that puts you in danger.

The California Lemon Law states that the vehicle in question must be under an active authorized warranty when the problem begins. It can’t be from an “as is” sale that has no warranty. Other requirements apply as well. The repair shops the car has been taken to must be manufacturer authorized one. A Lemon Law Attorney can assess your situation and tell you if your vehicle qualifies under the Lemon Law. If it does, your lawyer will help guide you through the legal process.


Act Now Before It’s Too Late

The State of California has a statute of limitations concerning the Lemon Law in California. Don’t put it off sitting down with an attorney if you think you have a lemon. The clock began ticking when the problem or problems first began, so act now.


Does Your Car Legally Qualify as a Lemon in Pasadena?

If your vehicle is under warranty and repeated attempts haven’t fixed the issue, a Lemon Law Lawyer in Pasadena can assist you by assessing your situation, so you know for sure if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon that is covered. If you do have reasonable cause to move forward with the case, your attorney will file a claim against the manufacturer. Don’t miss out on the chance to have your situation legally rectified. Even if you are unsure if your situation qualifies, it’s a good idea to speak with a Lemon Law Lawyer in Pasadena.


California’s Lemon Law: How it Works

All states have a Lemon Law in place. Each state is responsible for having their own version though. In California, some used vehicles are also eligible if they are covered by a manufacturer warranty. In California, any owner of a vehicle that qualifies is entitled to a refund or replacement under the Lemon Law.

Arbitration takes place when you and the manufacturer seek to keep the matter out of court. It is an option consumers have but are not forced to take. This is another time the manufacturer may try to get over on you. If an agreement is reached during the process, the manufacturer is obligated to uphold it but you are allowed to change your mind. Don’t expect the manufacturer to tell you that though.

A “Buyback” takes place when the manufacturer makes a refund on the purchase of the vehicle. If left up to the manufacturer, the process isn’t always on the up and up though. The manufacturer may try to bully you into settling for less while an attorney who specializes in Lemon Law can not only get your money back but will also petition for you to recover all expenses you’ve encountered such as repair bills, lost wages, taxicab fares, and legal fees.

If you do decide to take a replacement vehicle, proceed with caution. Things may get complicated unless you have an attorney. Do you really trust a manufacturer who did you wrong in the first place? Be sure you have a lawyer to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of again.


The Value of a Lemon Law Attorney Pasadena

You can be sure the manufacturer will have a powerful legal team working on their behalf. Having an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer in Pasadena represent you is highly advised. In addition, you will want to secure not just any attorney but one who is familiar with the California Lemon Law and the Pasadena legal system. You can’t afford not to have the best attorney in Pasadena so be sure to find the one who is the best fit for you.


Need a Lemon Law Lawyer Pasadena?

If you need an expert Lemon Law Lawyer who is passionate about helping, contact the Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli. You can trust Jacob to take good care of you. He will shoot you straight and to evaluate your case and assist you in navigating and winning it. Jacob will fiercely fight for your rights under California’s Lemon Law. Call for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting today – (310) 801-1919.


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