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If your vehicle is in the shop more than it’s on the road, you probably have a lemon. If your car is proving to be a real headache, the California Lemon Law is set into place for consumers just like you in Downey. Thankfully, you have a recourse.

The California Lemon Law makes it possible to act in order to receive a full refund or replacement. A Lemon Law Attorney Downey will evaluate your case and if you do have a lemon, will assist you in filing and navigating your case.

There’s never an obligation. If you suspect you have a lemon, contact an experience Lemon Law Attorney so you can exercise your rights under the law.


Facts About the California Lemon Law

The California Lemon Law is a state law that was created as a remedy for those who purchase or lease a car, truck, or most any other type of motor-driven vehicle that is less than 10,000 GVW which is unable to be repaired after a reasonable amount of repeated efforts have been made. The vehicle must be under an active authorized warranty and other requirements must be met as well. An attorney can help you figure out if your vehicle is eligible.

The Lemon Law protects consumers who have purchased an irreparable, faulty vehicle. The law isn’t cut and dry however. To take advantage of the provision, you must act before it’s too late and adhere to other requirements as well. Even if you think you don’t qualify, an attorney can advise you so you know for sure. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. There is a statute of limitations.


How Can I Be Sure My Car is a Lemon?

If your vehicle is under a manufacturer’s warranty with defects that causes it to be unsafe or not to run properly, you may have a lemon. Has a dealership repair shop attempted to fix the issue unsuccessfully?

An experienced Lemon Law Attorney in Downey can determine if you have just cause to move forward with a claim against the manufacturer. Don’t do the guesswork yourself. Find out for sure.


Details About the California Lemon Law

The California Lemon Law denotes that if a vehicle that is under manufacturer’s warranty cannot be successfully repaired following a number of “reasonable” attempts, a full refund must be given, or the car must be replaced by a vehicle that is the same (minus the issues).

You would expect the law to be without discrepancies and complications. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Situations can and do arise where there are arguments that the court must rule on such as what is considered a “reasonable” number of attempts? The law lays out how many attempts are allowed for high-risk safety features and allots a higher number of tries for less risky defects but even those areas can be debated. That is when you need a lawyer in your court – to tend to litigation, trial details, and so much more that the case may involve. Unless you are an attorney, you doubtfully qualify to go head-to-head with the legal team the manufacturer will have on their side.

It isn’t unusual for the manufacturer to try to talk you into settling before the case goes to court and to try to get out of their responsibilities by offering you much less than you deserve. That is what their attorney is paid to do. They may even try to get you to agree to a replacement vehicle that isn’t worth as much or that has problems as well. You need a lawyer who is experienced in Lemon Law lawsuits in Downey.


Do I Need a Downey Lemon Law Attorney?

When it comes to defending your Lemon Law rights, don’t go it alone. You need a Lemon Law Attorney. You can be sure the manufacturer has a powerful team of attorneys who will be opposing you and are not your friends. You will be wise to have a Lemon Law Lawyer in Downey who is on your side so you can put the nightmare behind you -once and for all.

An expert lawyer will not only recover your losses on the vehicle, but also on other related expenses such as tax, title, and licensing fees and any money spent out of pocket on repairs in addition to lost wages you may have suffered. Your legal fees should be covered to. Some attorneys will take your case without any money upfront and will recover their fees from the manufacturer.

Don’t settle for any ole attorney when you need the best in the business. You can’t afford not to have someone who will passionately fight for you.


Best Lemon Law Lawyer in Downey

If you need assistance with you Lemon Law lawsuit, give the Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli a call. Jacob will meet with you and evaluate your case. If you have just cause for a case, he will file it and assist you in navigating. Jacob will diligently fight for your rights under California’s Lemon Law. Don’t delay. Call today for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting today – (310) 801-1919.


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