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Renters Have Rights Under California Law

Just because you are a renter doesn’t mean you have any less rights to a safe, habitable dwelling. In fact, California law lays out certain Tenant Rights renters have such as the right to a decent, healthy home.


What are my rights as a tenant in Los Angeles?

Unjust and discriminatory rental issues can be stressful and dangerous. Living in hazardous conditions like an environment that’s contaminated with lead-based paint, mold, cockroaches, bedbugs, rats, lack of heat or air conditioning, and carbon monoxide exposure are not tolerated in the State of California. Units must have heat, air conditioning, and clean hot and cold water.


How do I resolve a lease dispute with my landlord?

If you feel you may be a victim of one or more Tenant Rights violations, it’s time to speak to a lawyer. A Landlord Tenant Attorney Los Angeles can provide legal representation on such matters as:

  • Rent control laws
  • Fair housing regulations
  • Housing discrimination
  • Security deposit issues
  • Slumlord situations
  • Due process for eviction
  • Discrimination
  • Lease disputes
  • Lease termination
  • Explanation on Tenancy Laws


Landlord Legal Responsibilities

In the State of California, landlords and tenants are both bound by a legal agreement, be it written or verbal. There are also certain automatic rights tenants have such as:

  • Response to a repair request in a reasonable amount of time, typically 30 days or sooner.
  • The right to make a repair and withhold that much of the rent if the landlord hasn’t responded to a repair request in a reasonable amount of time.


There are certain responsibilities a landlord has to his or her tenants like:

  • Safe dwelling structure
  • Working windows and doors
  • Clean running water
  • Working HVAC equipment
  • Working gas lines and fixtures
  • Working plumbing and sanitation
  • Trash removal
  • Safe stairs and railings
  • Fire exits
  • Working smoke detectors


Feeling Unsafe or Unhealthy? We Can Help

Attorney Jacob O. Partiyeli is committed to helping clients who have been illegally evicted or locked out and those who are living in substandard or hazardous conditions. He has the legal expertise to work with you to resolve disputes and to ensure justice is served, including going to trial if needed. He has won thousands for his clients. Don’t put up with renter abuse another minute. Call The Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli today –  (310) 801-1919.

Don’t trust your landlord to inform you of your renter’s rights, turn to a Tenant Landlord Lawyer in Los Angeles to find out the truth.


Landlord Rights in Los Angeles

Landlords have rights too. From collecting payments for their rental property and seeking compensation for property damage to negotiating rental agreements, it’s important for landlords to know California law to ensure compliance while pursuing Landlord Rights and to make sure Tenant Rights are being respected at the same time.

If you are a landlord, an experienced LA Landlord Tenant Attorney like Jacob Partiyeli can help with a wide variety of situations including:

  • Property damage claims
  • Rental property inspections
  • Rental property taxes
  • Tax deductions
  • Lease disputes
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Security deposit disputes on rental properties
  • Paying and collecting security deposits
  • Contract negotiation


Evictions and Lease Terminations

The State of California governs the lease termination and eviction processes in Los Angeles. Strict laws and guidelines are set in place which are determined by the length of your lease and other conditions. A Landlord Tenant Attorney Los Angeles like Jacob O. Partiyeli and his expert legal team can help you decide if you should take action in an eviction or lease termination situation or not and if action is warranted, can help you navigate your lawsuit. Jacob Partiyeli has won thousands of dollars in such a lawsuit. He will fight for your Tenant Rights and maximize any settlement you are due.  


Helping Tenants and Landlords Work Together

Even when tenants and landlords choose to work together in a cordial landlord-tenant relationship, it’s wise to have legal representation by a Landlord Tenant Attorney. Jacob Partiyeli has years of experience in Tenant Landlord Law, Real Estate Law and litigations services. He will evaluate your case for free and advise you of any legal action that could be beneficial for your situation. Contact us online or call today –  (310) 801-1919. 


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