The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on all but few were more affected than landlords. Now, in post-pandemic stages, leasing properties has changed in many ways. Find out how to go about renting out your property and what the implications may entail. Above all, learn why it’s imperative to secure a Landlord Tenant Lawyer.

Tenant Attorney vs. Landlord Attorney

What is a Tenant Lawyer? Is it the same as a Landlord Attorney? While a tenant and landlord may have different needs, a Landlord Tenant Attorney is well-equipped to handle both spectrums.

A Landlord Tenant Attorney works on cases that deal with renter’s rights and also deals with legal battles involving the owner’s property rights. This type of attorney is capable of working on any type of legal action that has to do with a renter or a leaser.


Why Do You Need a Landlord Tenant Lawyer?

It’s no secret that when scores of renters were out of work and some were suffering with Covid, the government stepped in to prevent them from being evicted. The humanity was applaudable, but property owners were left holding the bad. Many lost their properties and others remain afraid to put their houses, duplexes, and apartments on the market for fear of experiencing post-pandemic problems or even a pandemic rerun.

The best defense is an offense. By setting your affairs in order through a Landlord Tenant Lawyer, you’ll be legally prepared if the worst happens and Covid-19 or another pandemic rears its ugly head again. You’ll also be in a position to be safe from implications caused by the first round.

At the Law Office of Jacob O. Pertiyeli, we can help. Our team has had extensive experience representing those who lease properties. We know how to handle your business legalities so you are not a sitting duck for trouble and if you’ve already encountered problems, we’ll fight for you to get you out of them.


Leasing Property After a Pandemic

There five main things that are to be learned from the past pandemic which are as flows:

Encourage Touchless Leasing. The less your tenants have to come into contact with you (and vice versa), the better. While for all intents and purposes, we are in post-pandemic mode, there are strands lurking and no one can be sure what’s on the horizon. You’ll want to embrace tech tools more than ever in order to ensure the tenants you’re not physically shaking hands with are on the up and up.
Engage Customers Virtually. When your property is on the market for renting, you’ll want to take advantage of the wonders of the virtual world. Take your viewers on a virtual tour of the property. You may find that this system works better for promoting your property than the old-fashioned way did.

Be Legally Prepared. Be sure to hire a tenant attorney to protect you from legal suits which might be caused by a pandemic-related problem. While you can’t be certain nothing could ever be held against you, your attorney will do all that is possibly so you will be in a much better stance should another one sweep over the country.

Be Alert. Leasing properties isn’t easy right now. You’ll need to pay attention to the ebb and flow of the country as it continues to heal. If you notice rental prices are going down, you may want to consider lowering yours as well. One such trend is retaining a Landlord Tenant Attorney who can help your prevent disaster and if you are taken to court or find yourself in a bad spot, will be there to represent you. Keep emergency funds available if possible to carry you through challenging times.

Build Strong Partnerships. Professional networking is wise. It is highly recommended when doing business in post-pandemic stages just as it was during the pandemic. There’s a feeling of common bond and comradery when you partner your efforts with another professional such as your Landlord Tenant Lawyer.


How Much Does a Landlord Tenant Lawyer Cost?

There is no set fee for a landlord attorney. The complication of your case and how much time is involved is a good indicator of how much you should expect to pay for it. In addition, seasoned landlord lawyers typically charge more than those who are just starting a practice. On the average, the legal work is figured by the hour. $200 to $500 per hour is the norm. If you would like a complimentary estimate on hiring Jacob O. Partiyeli as your landlord attorney, please don’t hesitate to call.


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