If your vehicle spends more time in the repair shop than it does out on the road, you probably have a lemon on your hands. In the event that you do, you have a recourse through the State of California called the Lemon Law. Perhaps you already filed a claim and are waiting for it to be settled. In the meantime, you are without a working car which can damper your ability to get to work and wherever else you need to go.


How Long Will My Case Take?

Occasionally, a Lemon Law claim is resolved in as little as 30 days or under. Most cases take longer, however. Three to six months is typically the norm for resolution. Cases can take up to a year or longer if the manufacturer is fighting it and the case has to go through litigation. A good attorney can do their best to help speed things up.

So how long does it take to get a Lemon Law claim settled in Los Angeles? The answer depends on your individual circumstance, but you can get a good idea by following the court progress and speaking regularly to your Lemon Law Lawyer.


What Is a Lemon Law?

The California Lemon Law is a law set into place to protect consumers from ending up with a lemon. A lemon is a slang word that describes a product that is not able to be repaired. While consumers would otherwise be stuck out with such a faulty product, the law makes for a remedy.

Lemons are typically vehicles although some large purchase like washing machines and dryers are also included. There are certain requirements within the law such as the length of time and number of miles the vehicle must be under in order for the law to apply. The vehicle must have be under an active manufacturer warranty when the problem began. There must have been a specified number of attempts made on the repairs which varies depending on what kind of issue it is and if it’s a priority safety issue or not. Other requirements also apply. Things can get confusing and complicated when dealing with your rights under the Lemon Law.

The law states that the consumer of a varied lemon that qualifies under the law is eligible for a full refund or a replacement.


Do I Need a Lemon Law Lawyer

If you think you have a lemon, you need a Lemon Law Attorney.

The manufacturer may try to bully you and may attempt to talk you into taking than you are rightly due for compensation. Or they may try to coerce you to agree to a replacement vehicle that isn’t worth as much as the one you originally had. An attorney is a must if you want to exercise your Lemon Law rights.

The best you’ll be able to do if you represent yourself is probably to get a refund on the amount of money you initially paid for the car. That doesn’t include all the funds you are out though. What about the tax, title, and license? What about the repair bills you paid for? What do you do about all the times you couldn’t get to work or even the job you lost due to not having a working vehicle? Legal fees are a big part of the picture too. There are many scenarios and an attorney can help your bring your individual story into court so you can receive a fair compensation for more than just the price of the car.

Rest assure the manufacturer will have a powerful legal team. You should too. You will want to have a Lemon Law Lawyer in Los Angeles who is on your side and willing to fight for you. An experienced lawyer gives you a cutting edge. You may even be able to find a lawyer who will take your case without any upfront fee. The fee will be paid by the manufacturer. 

When looking for a lawyer, it is wise to consider an attorney that is in the Los Angeles area and who specializes in Lemon Law cases. You want the best attorney in Los Angeles. Be sure to check references and read reviews of past clients for whom the lawyer has won Lemon Law cases for.


Does Lemon Law Apply to Used Cars?

Each state has their own variation of the Lemon law. In the State of California, used cars do fall under the protection of the Lemon Law as long as they qualify. The used vehicle must be under a warranty or at least have had an active manufacturer’s warranty in place when the problem first started. The repair shop the car was taken to must be an authorized one. Other specifications apply as well. It is best to have a Lemon Law Lawyer represent your used car Lemon Law case.


Lemon Law Lawyer Attorney Near Me

You are indeed protected under the Lemon Law of California. That isn’t good enough, tough. You must exercise your rights, and more times than not, you have to fight for them. Don’t go it alone. You need a professional in your court.

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