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In the State of California, You Have Rights

If you are having problems getting your landlord to tend to certain matters that make your dwelling inhabitable, the situation may qualify for a Tenant Habitability Lawsuit Los Angeles. Unsafe living conditions in rental properties in the State of California are not tolerated. Under state law, you do have a recourse. A Tenants Rights Lawyer Los Angeles can assess your case and if you choose to pursue it, assist you in navigating it through the legal process.

What is a Habitability Lawsuit?

Habitability cases involve tenants suing a landlord due to the property having water leaks, no heat, inoperable appliances, vermin or pest infestations, or other issues that make the home or apartment unlivable.

Habitability cases are unique since they have to do with potential damages related to the living situation plus potential statutory or punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. It is imperative if you feel you may have a Habitability Lawsuit for you to be proactive, so the matter or matters are handled properly and in a timely manner.

It’s not up to your landlord if he or she wants to fix the problem or can’t afford to, you have rights and it’s the law. Speak to an LA Habitability Lawyer today.

Qualifying Factors for a Habitability Lawsuit

Legal recourse for tenants in LA for Habitability Lawsuits typically Los Angeles compensation for tenants, tenant relocation assistance in Los Angeles, and other additional petitions. The cases are files for areas of safety concern such as:

• Negligent maintenance by landlords
• Los Angeles housing code violations
• Other habitability issues
• Mold and mildew issues
• Pest and vermin infestation
• Lack of repairs and maintenance in Los Angeles rental properties
• Lack of hot and/or cold water
• Lack of clean running water
• Lack of heat and/or air conditioning

Remember, you do have Tenants Rights in the State of California. Trust the highly experienced well-qualified team at The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli to fight for you.

How a Habitability Lawyer Los Angeles Can Help

Legal representation for habitability issues is highly advised. A Tenant Rights Lawyer Los Angeles is beneficial for a multitude of reasons including:

  • Greater chance for a positive outcome
  • Higher chance of getting and maximizing compensation
  • Takes stress off you
  • Represents in negotiations and/or court

If you’re thinking you can’t afford a Habitability Lawyer Los Angeles for your legal recourse for tenants in LA, just the opposite is probably true. The most seasoned attorneys, like Jacob Partiyeli, will often take your case for free, so you pay only if you win.

Tenants Rights Attorney Near Me

If you are in need of an experienced Habitability Attorney Los Angeles, turn to the legal team at The Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli. He has recovered thousands of dollars for clients who were victims of health hazards in rental properties Los Angeles, and he’ll fight for you too. Contact us online or call for a free consultation and evaluation of your case –  (310) 801-1919.

Reach Out to Jacob Partiyeli – the #1 LA Habitability Attorney.


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