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If you’re getting calls from GCFS, you’re in a position no one wants to be in. GCFS is a debt collector that is notorious for taking aggressive action on debtors. Litigation is certainly not out of the question so if you’ve been ignoring those letters and phone calls, it’s important to know you are doing yourself more harm than good. The best move you can make is to incorporate the help of a lawyer who’s experienced in GCFS debt defense like Jacob Partiyeli who can offer viable solutions. For a free consultation and GCFS resolution advice, call The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli today – (310) 801-1919.

What is GCFS?

GCFS is also known as Greater California Financial Services. It is a debt collections center with headquarters in California that buys old consumer debts like credit cards. GCFS sends collection letters to collect debts. When their efforts turn up futile, they typically file a lawsuit.

While GCFS’ intents may be straightforward, their practices aren’t always legal as they have been accused of:

Making remarks to debtors that are defamatory
Threatening debtors with arrest
Harassing by phone
Calling employers more than the one time permitted by law
Calling after hours
Filing lawsuits that are baseless

Knowing Your Rights Against GCFS CA

By California law, debt collection companies are limited in the tactics that can used to collect debts. Certain practices are illegal such as:

Intimidating the debtor
Use of profanity
Calling after hours

If you feel your rights have been violated, it’s important to call a GCFS Debt Settlement Lawyer in California immediately. Jacob Partiyeli is an expert GCFS Creditor Defense Attorney in LA who will fight fiercely for your rights.

Expecting the Unexpected

GCFS often files lawsuits against debtors, increasing the likelihood of being sued. These lawsuits typically commence with a complaint and summons. The complaint outlines debtor details and the owed amount. It’s crucial to scrutinize this document for errors, especially for individuals with common names who might be falsely identified as debtors. 

The summons serves as a court directive, providing debtors with 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. It’s advisable to engage an attorney for assistance, as answers must adhere to specific criteria for validity and must be properly filed and served to the plaintiff. An attorney can also help assert legal defenses, such as expired statute of limitations.

Attempting to evade service of court documents isn’t recommended, as plaintiffs have alternative means to achieve service. Eventually, addressing the debt is necessary.

If the lawsuit goes unanswered, GCFS can secure a default judgment. Even if the debt is legitimate, GCFS may obtain a judgment. This marks the beginning of legal and financial complications, including potential actions such as bank account seizures, wage garnishments, and property liens. Additional charges like attorney’s fees, court costs, and interest are typically added to the debt by the time a judgment is reached.

Fortunately, there’s a potential solution to debt challenges, even after a judgment: debt settlement. Speak to Jacob Partiyeli today and find out more about your options.

Jacob Fights GCFS Claims

Jacob Partiyeli has been implementing GCFS settlement strategies for over a decade to help his clients:

Avoid GCFS Lawsuits
Secure GCFS Debt Reduction
GCFS Debt Consultation
Counter GCFS Actions

Each situation is unique. Jacob Partiyeli and his legal team can help you figure out the best course of action. Call today for a free consultation.

Expert GCFS Representation in Los Angeles

If you’re being pursued by GCFS debt and collections, Jacob Partiyeli is here to assist you. Schedule a free consultation today to protect your rights and regain control over your financial future  – (310) 801-1919.


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