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Employers expect their employees to have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to perform the job they are hired for correctly. Employees expect their employers will provide them with a safe environment where they can complete the tasks they were hired to do. Unfortunately, however, the latter is not always the case.
Employers can fail to provide safe work conditions for their employees. Slips and falls, defective equipment, poorly maintained machinery, improper ventilation; these are just some of the things that can occur in the work place. As a result, employees can suffer work-related injuries and illnesses. Fortunately, in the State of California, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance is a state based support system which should cover the costs of injured employees’ medical care and lost wages; however, that’s not always the case. Some employers fail to provide their employees with the workers’ compensation coverage they are entitled to.

Why Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied

Employers and insurance companies don’t want to pay out workers’ compensation claims. Why? – Because it costs them a tremendous amount of money. To avoid paying out, they’ll extensively scrutinize claims and look for any reason to deny them, even if they are valid. In some cases, claims may be denied for the following reasons:
Your claims go through many hands before being approved. These individuals are looking to delay or deny your claim. Claim adjusters, examiners, appraisers, and investigators are looking over your documents and evidence. Working with a qualified Personal Injury attorney is necessary to make sure your files are complete and properly executed.

Has Your Claim Been Denied? Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured while working and your workers’ compensation claim has been denied or if your employer is harassing you after filing a claim, contacting a personal injury attorney that has experience with denied claims is in your best interest.
The Law Offices of Jacob O Partiyeli has had great success in collecting benefits in denied claims cases. We have helped countless employees throughout the Los Angeles area secure the compensation that they are entitled to. Contact our firm today to set up a free consultation! We can help you with your denied claim case and will represent you to the fullest extent of the law, ensuring that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to. You’ve already suffered enough mentally and physically; you shouldn’t have to suffer financially, too!