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Are you being pursued by The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers? If so, you are certainly not alone. Carruthers is a California-based debt collection law firm that is facing accusations of illegal and unethical practices that are violations of consumers’ rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) including:

Early morning and late-night calls
Continuous calls to your place of employment
Use of obscenities or profanity
Failure to identify themselves as debt collectors

The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli can help you even if they have secured a judgment against you and regardless of if you legitimately owe the debt.

The Story Behind Carruthers

Established in 2010, The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers acts as a debt collector, sending out collection letters and making calls to those who have unpaid debts on credit accounts. Many feel that because Carruthers is a law firm, they don’t engage in illegal practices. This is not necessarily true, however. If a Carruthers attorney or representative is contacting you, give Jacob Partiyeli a call.  Regardless of your guilt or innocence with the debt, you have rights and Jacob Partiyeli will fight for them.

The Process

If The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers does not receive the payment requested, they will likely file a lawsuit. You’ll receive a summons which will lay out all the details of their case against you. You have 30 days to respond. Failure to act will only cause more legal problems. In your response, you are expected to line out your defense, basically. This is when a D. Scott Carruthers Debt Settlement Lawyer in California is crucial. You don’t want to go it alone. Reach out and schedule a free consultation with Jacob Partiyeli today.

CA Carruthers Relief

When it comes to the actual debt Carruthers is trying to collect, you have options. If you do owe it, a seasoned attorney can negotiate a workable payment solution. If you do not owe it, your lawyer can challenge Carruthers actions and defend against Carruthers. Either way, Jacob Partiyeli will take care of your case in the best way possible and Carruthers won’t be able to contact you any further.

Jacob Partiyeli and His Legal Team Defend Against Carruthers

Jacob Partiyeli has been implementing successful Carruthers settlement strategies for over a decade including:

Reducing Carruthers balances
Evading Carruthers garnishments
Carruthers Claim Pushback
Debt Relief Support
Carruthers claim pushback
Debt relief support

Why Trust Jacob Partiyeli?

Jacob Partiyeli and his excellent legal team have been successfully handling D. Scott Carruthers and other debt collection cases for over a decade.

• Experience. Jacob Partiyeli’s track record is impressive, with numerous favorable outcomes in debt collection cases.
• Expertise. His extensive experience in the field ensures that clients receive expert legal representation.
• Commitment. Jacob’s commitment to ethical practices and client satisfaction sets him apart in the industry.
• Knowledge. He possesses an in-depth understanding of debt collection laws and regulations.
• Trust. Clients can trust Jacob Partiyeli for his dedication to achieving the best possible results in their cases.

D. Scott Carruthers Debt Settlement Attorney When You’ve Had Enough…Call Us.

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