Citibank Debt Settlement Attorney in California

Citibank Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in California

If Citibank is constantly calling you, your nerves are probably on edge. If you have considerable debt you owe Citibank, you may have gotten in too deep and now are worrying if you will ever be able to pay it off. Whether you accidentally feel behind or don’t actually owe the debt, Citibank is banking on being able to get the funds even if that means:

Constant phone calls
A lawsuit
Wage garnishment
Bank seizure
A lien

Rest assured that Citibank will not hesitate to take you to court and take what you owe – or what they say you owe. Your best recourse is to turn to the best Citibank Debt Settlement Lawyer in California – Jacob Partiyeli. Jacob is an expert at settling Citibank debts for his clients once and for all. Imagine the peace of mind that would bring to you!

Citibank: What You Need to Know About Collections

When it comes to Citibank debt collection, it is important to understand that ignoring the problem will not make it go away. If you do, you are likely to have a lawsuit against you. Let Jacob Partiyeli help you find an option within his areas of expertise such as:

Defense Against Citibank
Reduction of Citibank Balances
Citibank Charge Challenge
Evading Citibank Garnishments

Much of your defense will hinge on if you legitimately owe the debt or not. If you don’t, Jacob Partiyeli will passionately defend you. If you do, there are many options that may be available. Call today to schedule a time to speak with the team at The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli so you can discover the solution that is best for your situation.

How to Avoid a Citibank Lawsuit

If you don’t pay off your Citibank debt or reach a negotiation, they will typically file a lawsuit. You will then receive a summons with the details of the legal claims that are being made against you. Generally, you will have 30 days to reply and you are legally required to respond. Your response should state your defense. You may get requests for evidence of discovery if your case is heading to court. This is when it is certainly in your best interest to secure financial defense – Jacob Partiyeli who will diligently fight for your rights and is also skilled in negotiating on your behalf if that is in your best interest.

Why Choose Jacob Partiyeli?

With over a decade in debt defense, there are a myriad of reasons Jacob Partiyeli is the best option for your Citibank defense in LA including:

Client-Centric Approach
Expertise in Debt Settlement
Proven Track Record
Legal Knowledge and Defense
Excellent Communication
Trusted Debt Resolution Partner

Trust the Best Citibank One Debt Relief Expert

If your life has been put on hold due to a dept with Citibank, you can count on Jacob Partiyeli can help you get your life back. Schedule a free consultation today to protect your rights and regain control over your financial present and future  Call now – (310) 801-1919.


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